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Survey: Evaluating entry-level scuba diving experiences to help the dive industry improve. Is there consistency in the quality of the experience? Does it matter?

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Seeking  participants and certified  (or equivalent) to participate in a survey on their experience being introduced to scuba diving. Please answer even if you have continued your training afterward.

Recently, on a Dive Locker podcast with Tec Clark, we discussed ways for scuba diving…


Differences in dive professionals' income, based on the instructor’s gender, location, training agency affiliation, experience, age, and more.

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Through 2021, Scubanomics conducted a worldwide survey of scuba diving instructors. This is the third part of the survey result analysis.

First, let’s recap.

In the , we presented the “economics” of being a . …

Dive Industry Statistics | Market Data

Entry-level open water certifications rebounded in the USA in Q2 & Q3 but are still below pre-pandemic levels.

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After a disastrous 2020 and a rough start to 2021, the last 6 months (April to September of 2021) have shown us that there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s recap, starting at the beginning of the year.

Scuba Diving Certifications in Q1: January to March

In the first quarter of 2021, we witnessed…

Dive Industry Statistics | Scuba Instructor Jobs & Career

The “economics” of the dropped-out scuba diving instructors. Their reasons. Their profile.

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Throughout 2021, Scubanomics conducted a worldwide survey of scuba diving instructors. In the first article, we presented the “economics” of being a recreational dive instructor in comparison to a technical diving instructor. You can read that of our analysis here:

In this of our dive instructor…

Scuba Diving Industry Editorial | Dive Professional Career

The role of standards & procedures, quality assurance, and dive instructors in keeping scuba divers alive.

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You’re at a dive site with student divers. At the beginning of your dive, you notice that another dive instructor left a student unattended at the bottom of the ocean. You know it’s the first certification dive for that diver because you heard their briefing on the boat. You keep…

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