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Dive Industry Statistics | Market Data

The global recreational scuba diving equipment market size was valued at $1.95 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to reach this level again in 2023, post-pandemic recession.

Scuba Diving Equipment Market Size 2021–2025
Scuba Diving Equipment Market Size 2021–2025
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In the face of a growing number of scammers offering expensive fake dive industry market studies online, the Business of Diving Institute is clarifying the current status of the scuba diving gear industry.

With a steady decline in the scuba diving participation rate (-4.6% average annual decline over the last 5 years), the recreational scuba diving equipment market was facing downward pressure even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A final SFIA report on dive gear sales during the pandemic year of 2020 indicates a drop of 20% at wholesale.

In an analysis on the impact of the pandemic on the dive…

Scubanomics Newsletter

New dive industry market data on the size of the industry, instructor careers, and the impact of the pandemic.

I hope 2021 has been good to you so far and especially that you are staying healthy!

In the last 2 months since we last communicated, I’ve continued to do my part to provide information on the health of the dive industry. You will find, below, three new pieces of information.

Would you mind letting me know if any of it is useful to you and what else would be valuable to your dive career or operations?

First, Scubanomics and InDepth magazine published the first results from our survey on the “economics” of being a dive instructor. Is it possible…

Dive Industry Statistics | Scuba Instructors

Is it possible to make a living as a recreational scuba diving instructor? What to expect, financially.

The Economics of Being a Recreational Scuba Diving Instructor
The Economics of Being a Recreational Scuba Diving Instructor
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InDepth magazine and Scubanomics joined hands to conduct a survey from May to July of 2021 on the economics of being a dive instructor.

In the first article based on the survey results, and published in InDepth magazine, we looked specifically at the economics of being a tech diving instructor.

In this second article, we will be looking at recreational scuba diving instructors — those without tech diving instruction credentials.

Based on the answers to the InDepth & Scubanomics survey, we will attempt to answer the question:

  • Is diving instructor/instructor trainer a viable career decision, or is it best thought of as a part-time job — albeit a fun one?

The survey results will help determine realistic salary expectations and…

Dive Industry Statistics | Market Data

Open water scuba diving certifications in the USA per region and state in the first quarter of 2021

scuba diving statistics usa
scuba diving statistics usa
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While some parts of the planet are re-opening to scuba diving tourism, some regions remain totally closed, like Fiji and Yap. And we see the impact of these travel restrictions in a continuous decline in entry-level scuba diving certifications in the USA in the first quarter (Q1: January, February, March) of 2021.

Last year, in the first quarter of 2020, we were just at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The first case of COVID-19 was detected in the USA in February 2020, and restrictive measures at the borders only kicked in during March and April. Yet, the first quarter…

Dive Industry Statistics & Market Data

Scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving gear sales during the COVID-19 pandemic year. Market research report.

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The verdict is in!

Sales of dive gear during 2020, at wholesale, dropped by 20% compared to 2019, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving equipment.


Scuba diving industry studies and survey data.

I hope 2021 has been good to you so far and especially, that you are staying healthy!

What’s new on our end in May 2021?

First, we conducted and published the results of an exclusive Scubanomics survey on scuba diving and snorkeling: drop out rate, satisfaction, participation rate, awareness, and intent to participate. Stay tuned for more!

Second, we are now conducting an extensive study on the economics of being a dive instructor. If you haven’t answered the survey yet, please do so. And in all cases, please share it with as many dive instructors as you can.

“Dive” includes…

Dive Industry Strategy | News & Editorials | Dive Professional Career

Who stands to gain in a renewed dive industry? Which dive gear brand? Scuba diving training agency? Dive resort? Local dive shop?

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Updated on May 31, 2021.

The scuba diving industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and was already facing copious challenges before this ordeal. But running for the hills is not always the only choice in difficult times! In many cases, problems are opportunities — for real! I believe it is the case in the dive industry.

Our biggest opportunity lies in redesign the scuba diving industry business model using a blue ocean strategy. It’s also a big challenge!

But it will happen, so… Where should I put my money to be ready to benefit from a ‘new’…

Dive Industry Strategy

What can tankless diving “eliminate, reduce, raise and create” for the scuba diving industry? How can we integrate it into our dive operations to foster growth?

Picture from BLU3

A month ago, we published our first article on tankless diving or surface-supplied air diving. Since then, it’s been the most read article on Scubanomics and we’ve received several feedback messages on it. So, let’s dig deeper.

We’ve often discussed the need for a new dive industry business model adapted to today’s consumers’ needs and expectations. And we suggested a Blue Ocean Strategy as a tool to develop it. Therefore, the question becomes…

Can tankless diving be part of a Blue Ocean Strategy for the scuba diving industry?

A Four Actions Blue Ocean Framework

First, let’s review how to develop a Blue Ocean strategy.

A Blue…

Dive Industry Market Data & Statistics

Awareness, intent to participate, participation rate, satisfaction, and dropout rate for scuba diving, snorkeling, and surface-supplied air (tankless) diving.

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With the dive industry getting ready to come out of a pandemic that hit us very badly in a market that was shrinking before the pandemic, we need to better understand our customers. More than ever.

Scubanomics has conducted an exclusive survey of the American population to evaluate awareness, participation rate, dropout rate, and satisfaction for scuba diving and snorkeling. We also evaluated the intent to participate by people who had never engaged with the activity. And because of our recent interest in surface-supplied air (tankless) diving, we’ve included questions to study that market as well.

Survey Methodology

The survey was administered…

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